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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Synopsis

If you've seen the youtube video, you already know this stuff.
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Ok, for those of you who are wondering, yes…!!!Spoiler Alert!!!  I’m going to tell you what the book is about, but you’ll still have to read it to get to the kitty gritty of story.

It starts out by introducing Mira, the heroine of the story. She’s a 30ish wealthy black doctor living and working  in the cold dark and gloomy city of Chicago. (In case you are wondering, I use fictionalized versions of real places throughout my story.) Mira is bored and uninspired. She becomes an online  social networker in an attempt to add some excitement to her life. It is there that she meets Giovanni, our reluctant hero.

Giovanni intrigues Mira’s sense of wonder when he tells her that he hasn’t physically been in the presence of other people, in more than ten years. He says that he suffers from a skin condition that makes him near fatally sensitive to sunlight and has left him with noticeably gray skin. Being the caring person that she is, Mira decides to take on the challenge of helping this poor secluded soul.

Over the course of some time, Mira learns through much back and forth chatting, that there is so much more wrong with and concerning Giovanni, than just his skin disorder. Then for reasons that take half the book for her to figure out, she decides to go meet Giovanni face to face at his mysterious secluded country home.
As soon as Mira arrives to meet Giovanni, she learns that he is not totally alone. He lives with an elderly, wheelchair bound, father type, who’s been taking care of Giovanni for most of his life.  It doesn’t take Mira long to figure out that there’s something truly strange about Giovanni and his friend Abraham. During Mira’s initial stay with Giovanni, she and he both experience some wildly intense dreams that foreshadow events to come later on. The main thing that keeps Mira’s mind racing is that fact that late one night, she goes outside and sees what appears to be a snow-white eagle the size of a man, flying high in the sky above Giovanni’s house.

When urgent business back home forces Mira to end her visit with Giovanni early, he is unable to cope with her absence. In such a short time, Giovanni has developed feelings for Mira that even he doesn’t quite understand. In her absence, Giovanni loses control of his emotions and his true secret is finally revealed to the reader. He undergoes a dramatic transformation and spends his time soaring through the night sky like a fiendish stalker.

While Mira is away, she and Giovanni continue to communicate online until she is able to return to spend more time with him and Abraham. Upon returning to Giovanni’s home, hidden secrets begin surface causing drastic changes in their relationship to occur. Mira and Abraham begin to bond like father and daughter and Giovanni becomes jealous of their closeness.  Mira soon begins to realize that she too has feelings for Giovanni and begins to find herself unusually and irresistibly attracted to him.

After a long harsh winter filled with intense arguments and life changing activities, Mira finally sees Giovanni’s horrifying transformation, but isn’t afraid of him. It actually brings them closer together. For some time, Mira and Giovanni are both left wondering if he is some kind of a monster or a strange looking angel sent from heaven, unable to remember his purpose. With everything laid out on the table, Giovanni and Mira take on the task of mastering Giovanni’s uniqueness, including several special abilities or powers that he begins to display.

Just when things start to get really cool and comfortable between the two of them, Abraham succumbs to cancer and dies, once again testing the limits of their relationship. For the first time Giovanni is on his own with only Mira to comfort him…but can she comfort him the way he needs to be or will she comfort him the way he wants to be?

 I could answer this question for you, but it really would give away the ending of the story. I bet you’re wondering where all the angels and demons fit into this dramatic little love story…You’ll just have to keep following this blog or just read the book to find out. -Day 5 complete.


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