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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Protagonist

a.k.a. the Main Male Character
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Who is Giovanni?…Well he’s just the answer to all of Mira’s dreams and possibly to key to a whole other world that we humans are too busy to see.

In the beginning, Giovanni is a somber character with a constant cloud of self-hatred and doubt lingering over him. To say his has self-image issues is an understatement, but you can’t really blame him. He is six and half feet tall with gray skin. Yes, I said gray, not pale or pasty, but gray. His eyes and nails are black and his hands and feet are unusually large. No wonder he keeps himself hidden away from other people. Oh and he’s allergic to sunlight…but wait…. he’s not a vampire. Sunburns come to Giovanni, like moths to a flame. Sunlight doesn’t kill him, but enough of anything that burns, can eventually.

Giovanni has enough trouble trying to blend into a world he really doesn’t fit in, but it only makes matters worse that he doesn’t know how to relate to people. It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to be “normal”. On top of all his physical and social issues, Giovanni is also plagued with nightmares, nightmares so real that sometimes they spill over into reality. Considering that, you can understand why he tends to be sleep deprived and moody. Needless to say, Giovanni is not a very positive or optimistic person.

There are two things, however, that make his life worth living and that’s the feeling of being needed by his friend Abraham, whom he takes care of, and gardening. When Giovanni first met Abraham, it was he who took care of Giovanni, but now that Abraham is up in age, Giovanni’s sole purpose in life is to take care of Abraham and keep him alive. When he’s not taking care of Abraham, Giovanni is working on the acres of land he lives on, which are covered in gardens and orchards.

Giovanni also has a few other quirks that make getting along with him difficult and exciting all at the same time. Giovanni is very strong and never gets sick. He even has some psychic and telepathic abilities. The most amazing thing that happens to Giovanni in the story, is the gradual transformation he goes through to become a completely different being. Yeah, I know, he transforms…It sound a little kooky, but it isn’t, especially when he learns what he’s turning into and then decides what to do with it.

Giovanni, throughout the book, works on and deals with his hot temper and lack of compassion until he is able to show Mira that he can be loved. The only question that remains is; will she love him? -Day 7 complete.

There is more to this entry. Download the ebook for the full experience.

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  1. Very interesting, going to go and check out barnes and noble. Thanks for the insight on Giovanni. Love the name you picked for the character.


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