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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Well I did it. I wrote a book!

If you've seen the youtube video, you already know this stuff.
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Now I’m blogging about the book and the process I went through to write it. I will first start by saying that I’m not a professional. This is my first novel. I took some writing courses in college, because I always liked to write, but that’s the extent of training. 
The book I’ve written is called Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel. I’m very excited about this installment of what I hope to continue as a series. The first of the series is an emotional tale of finding one’s purpose in life. It is set in modern times, but opens up to the possibility that there is more going on than man can see with his imperfect eyes. This story is filled with mystery, chills and thrills, and even love.
 Writing this book has been a labor of love, and I do mean labor. I never realized just how hard it would be to fill up so many pages with words that didn’t make me want to fall asleep. Whatever comes from this endeavor, I am at least proud of the fact that I did something that so many have tried, but have failed to do.
I think the hardest part about writing this book, has been the process of being emotionally attached to the work in way I hadn’t expected. I’m not a mother and don’t claim to understand what that truly feels like, but writing this book has been like creating life to me. I’ve made something that’s now out in the world, available to the masses to be used or abused, loved or hated, respected or disrespected. It’s very scary. I will not allow myself to worry too much, about what will happen to my book now that it’s out in the world on its own. I will trust that I’ve done my best to write it well and will continue to write.
-Day 1 complete.

There is more to this entry. Download the ebook for the full experience.

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