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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What’s in a name?

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The characters in this book are very different from each other and uniquely special; it makes sense that their names would also be uniquely special.

Giovanni- In the story the reader learns that Giovanni is given a used name; it is not the name he was meant to have. With his mother gone, Giovanni remains nameless until a grieving Italian nurse, names him after her dead son. The name means ‘God is gracious’.

Mira- Mira never learns why or how she was named, because she was adopted by a man who never took the time to tell her. She never even knew there was any significance to her name, until Giovanni told her. Mira (pronounced My-ra (traditionally) or Mir-a) is derived from the word ‘miracle’ or ‘miraculous’ and is the name given to the first discovered variant star.

Abraham- The meaning of Abraham’s name is never mentioned in the story, but it is a truly fitting name for the character he personifies. Abraham means ‘exalted father’.

Sarah- Sarah is indirectly compared to the legendary Grace Kelley in one small passage of the book. Kelly is most famous for leaving behind the fame of Hollywood to become a real life princess. It is only fitting that the root meaning of Sarah be ‘princess’.     

Seth- Seth is a complicated character, so it makes sense that his name be complicated also. His name means both ‘appointed’ and ‘substitute’. Biblically speaking, Seth was the replacement child born after Cain killed Abel. In this story, you’ll read how Seth is appointed one duty, but opts to substitute for another, causing a ripple effect of misfortune.

Marcos- Well this guy isn’t a nice guy, so of course his name reflects that. Marcos is derived from Marcus, which is the proper Latin name for Mars. Mars, depending on which mythology you choose to follow, was either the god of war or fertility. They are basically the same person, but at different times. Either way, he is a very mischievous character.

Bletsian- Out of all the characters in my book, Bletsian has the name that truly suits him. I could not have named him anything else. In fact, I settled on his name by researching character traits I wanted him to have, and by thinking of what I ultimately wanted him to represent. His name means ‘blessing or to make holy’ because the Greek origin of the word blessing is ‘bletsian’. Once you read the book, you’ll understand why this had to be his name.
Day 11 complete.

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