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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The mythology behind the story

If you've seen the youtube video, you already know this stuff.
If you haven't and don't feel like reading all this,
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The mythology behind this story is slated to be told in greater detail, in the third installment of the series. I will however provide some insight to it now, as it is introduced in this first book. Understanding where, how, and when everything started is part of the struggle Giovanni faces, and the reader must struggle through this understanding to see how it all ties in together at the end. I hope that this makes for an enjoyable and unpredictable reading experience.

The mythology I used for my story comes from what I know and have learned just from living my life, but I have added my own twist to it. As I am depicting images, figures, and scenes of biblical accounts, I want to assure any and all my readers, that though it is greatly influenced by traditional Judeo Christian philosophy, what I have written is completely made up. It is meant to make for a good story and is in no way my opinion of the truth or “what really happened.” It’s just a story and should in no way be taken as theological doctrine.

Now that that’s all cleared away…this is how it goes…During the Fall, as many know it, or the descent of Satan, there were two angels who were the best of friends. They each became caught on opposing sides of the celestial war. Everything that happens in Giovanni’s Angel, is a direct result of the conflict between these two estranged friends, Seth and Marcos. The extent to which their disagreement affects the current story can only be determined by reading the book. 

In this first installment, the reader receives a glimpse of Heaven that will be visited later, along with a look into Hell. The reader is provided with a preview of what is to unfold later in the series. A unique, though maybe not completely original, depiction of Angels and Demons is provided that should open up the reader’s mind to accept what is to come later in the series.  -Day 29 complete.

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