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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are Clark Kent and Superman, two different people, sharing one body?

If you've seen the youtube video, you already know this stuff.
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I think most people look at the classic DC tale of Superman and think that Clark Kent is just his alter ego. Most people think that Clark Kent is this persona that Superman uses to try and have a “normal” life whenever possible, but that’s not how I see it at all.

I believe that Clark Kent is the real true man. Clark is who he’d want to be if he could choose. I think that’s why Superman is such a great hero. Clark, unselfishly, decides to be a hero even when he doesn’t want to because it’s the right thing to do. I view Giovanni and Bletsian in the same way.

Giovanni and Bletsian may share a body, but they are not the same. It is Giovanni who decides whether to be a hero or not. Giovanni constantly fights a losing battle to fit into normal society with minimal scrutiny, and is appeased only by the acceptance he receives from the only two people who really knows who he is. Giovanni is satisfied to struggle the way he does, because he knows that it pleases the people he cares about, to at least see him trying.

There will come a time when Giovanni will struggle with his duality, wondering if he should prefer one persona over the other. As Bletsian’s power, strength, and influence grows, it makes Giovanni proud, but then it also scares him. He is confused by his desire to be human and to be loved like a man, while also wanting to embrace his supernatural calling and exist in a world where he doesn’t have to hide his true form.
 I’d love to be able to tell my readers that Giovanni figures it all out by then end of this book, but he doesn’t. He does however make a choice he will live with for a long time, until he comes to terms with this dilemma in the next book. -Day 24 complete.

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