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Monday, April 11, 2011

Timeline: Giovanni

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1760__ May- A gray boy is born after many hours of hard labor, and makes no sound.
               His mother holds him briefly and then dies.
1761__ A year has passed and the boy had not grown or developed, but the doctors
              and nurses continued to care for him as his tiny body soothed their aches
              and pains.
1800__ A grieving nurse named Annabelle starts working at the orphanage and is
               fascinated by the boy who barely grows; he looks to be about three or four
               years old.
1820__ Giovanni has his first violent outbreak when he becomes jealous of Annabelle’s
               family, whom she goes to visit.
1830__ Annabelle dies and Giovanni is left friendless and used by the orphanage
              and hospital.
1850__ The hospital is relocated and the orphanage will be closing down soon.
               Appearing to be about nine or ten years old, Giovanni runs away because he
              doesn’t want to be left in the care of the orphanage manager.
1880__ Appearing to be about twelve years old, Giovanni goes through puberty and
              discovers that there are so many more horrors to his already cursed existence.
1900__ Giovanni watches the new century roll in with parties, parades, and fireworks
               from afar and all alone.
1929__ Beaten and greatly distressed, Giovanni is protected by a kind stranger
               named Abraham.
1930__ Giovanni waits outside the church as Abraham and Sarah, his new family,
               get married. Most people are uncomfortable around him and only put up
                with him because of Abraham and Sarah.
1931__ Fall- Giovanni rushes to try to save Sarah after having a feeling that
               something bad was about to happen. He arrives too late and holds her dead
               body in his arms until Abraham arrives.
1932__ January- Giovanni saves Abraham’s life as he tries to commit suicide. Giovanni 
              is almost crushed to death and experiences the final phase of his growth and
             development in the process.
1936__ Giovanni accompanies Abraham to his mother’s funeral and tries to compel
               him to rejoin his family, but Abraham will not.
1940__ A local family comes into his life to help mange Abraham’s financial affairs,
               while scrutinizing him and spreading stories of his strangeness.
1941__ Giovanni is kept busy by providing Abraham labor for home renovations as
               well as taking up gardening. He’s pleased that Abraham provides him limitless
               support by getting him anything he  wants for his gardens.
1955__ Giovanni takes Abraham, in secret, to see a private doctor who tells them that
               Abraham has cancer and will die within a year.
1990__ Giovanni finally convinces Abraham to buy a computer.
2009__ Giovanni meets Mira online and develops a friendship with her.
2010__ Giovanni awaits the arrival of Mira and is terrified about how she might
               react to see him.
-Day 23 complete.

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