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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Timeline: Abraham

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1909__ August-Abraham is born in New Jersey.
1914__ He attends school for the first time.
1919__ He attends Sunday school and desires to be an altar boy.
1925__ He goes to a trade show to look at the new automobiles that the whole world
               has been talking about.
1926__ He learns to drive a car a friend of his stole. He begins selling newspapers in
               front of a hotel and get mistaken for a bellboy by one of its patrons.
1929__ While traveling on business Abraham meets a deeply distressed young man
              named Giovanni.
1930__ At the age of twenty-one Abraham marries his lifelong love Sarah in a simple
              church ceremony, where Giovanni waits outside. It is the last time Abraham
              attends church for a long time.
1931__ Spring-Abraham barely manages to juggle is business and personal affairs,
               but proves to be a loving  husband and friend to Sarah and Giovanni.
1932__ January- Abraham tries to kill himself and loses his legs. He stays in the
               hospital for eight months.
1936__ Abraham’s mother dies. He returns home for the funeral but does not
               reveal himself to his family. He secretly gives his adolescent half brother’s
               guardian a substantial sum of money to help make his life more
1940__ A local Whitteltown family steps forward to assist with managing Abraham’s
               business and security affairs, but are very uncomfortable around Giovanni.
1941__ Abraham orders a new wheelchair for himself, the first of many, and begins
              the first of many renovations to Sinclair Manor and the surrounding land.
1955__ Giovanni takes Abraham, in secret, to see a private doctor who tells them that
               Abraham has cancer and will die within a year.
2009__ Abraham is more than delighted to learn that Giovanni has made a new friend
               through the magic of his computer.
2010__ Abraham awaits a visit from the woman he hopes will be a companion
               to Giovanni.
Day 22 complete.

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