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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Timeline: Mira

You haven't seen this stuff yet. There is NO video. Please read to get the info.
1980__ June-She was born in a poor African village.
1982__ January-Her picture is taken by a missionary as she is placed in their
              care as an orphan. Her   picture is then used in a TV ad for charitable
1984__ May-She is adopted by a rich man and flown to the United States,
               where she visits with her benefactor/guardian briefly.
1985__ June-She is sent to London to live and attend school. She learns to
              speak English and is discovered to be quite an academic prodigy.
1990__ She wins her first science fair and joins a competitive math club.
1995__ She attends her first dance with a boy who plays the guitar and has her
               first kiss.
1997__ May-She graduates early from high school and learns that her
               benefactor is very sick and  requests that she be sent to the United
               States to see him.
2000__Mira completes multiple undergraduate degrees and continues the pursuit
             of her medical  doctorate.
2001__ Mira’s benefactor dies leaving her a large estate and making her a
               local celebrity.
2003__ May- Completes her residency and doctorate program and starts her own
               private practice teaming up with Jeffery and several other colleagues.
2007__ Mira’s research foundation thrives and she keeps herself busy, after breaking
              off her engagement.
2010__ Mira decides to meet Giovanni face to face.
Day 21 complete.

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