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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breaking down Seth and Marcos

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Both Seth and Marcos are introduced in EC: Giovanni’s Angel, but neither of their characters really get to shine until the third installment, yet it is necessary to understand the importance of these characters early on. Both of these characters are ancestors to Giovanni and were once very close. At some point they are disconnected and go down drastically different paths.

Seth is the source of the Eternal Curse, though this fate is nowhere close to resembling the intentions and plan he originally set out to live. Seth was an angel given the task of being a fighting trainer. He was one of the few angels chosen to help develop hand-to-hand combat for the human creation after the fall of Satan. I know that sounds a bit weird now, but I gets better when you read the story. It is this task of, reluctantly, being a fighter that ultimately causes Seth to wander from God’s plan, and bring forth the curse that fuels this story.

Marcos is not the source of the curse, but he definitely adds fuel to the fire. He is an instigator of sadness and pain, and unfortunately, for him, he is also the bearer of unforeseen blessings. In Marcos’s efforts to increase the offensiveness of Seth’s curse, he unwillingly opens the door to a possible future of relief and redemption from the curse. Realizing his mistake, Marcos simply bides him time to face the adversary helped to create, by spending centuries developing an army to fight it.

The conflict between Seth and Marcos is almost analogous to the conflict between Giovanni and Bletsian. With Seth and Marcos, you have two righteous entities slowly pulling away from each other and ultimately spiting for eternity with horrifying consequences. With Giovanni and Bletsian, you have two distant, dark, and troubled entities slowly coming together for all eternity trying to right the wrongs of the past.-Day 32 complete.

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