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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breaking down other supporting characters

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Leo-  He is introduced very late in the book and serves as another piece in the big mysterious puzzle which Mira is still trying to solve. While it is only briefly mentioned in the book, the true source of Leo’s involvement in the story is explained here.

Leo is a very distant relative of the man who bought Sinclair Manor after all the Whittleton family had died off or left town. His family was sent to live in Whitteltown to look after Abraham and his financial affairs.

As the eldest son, Leo takes on the responsibility of looking after Abraham after his father dies. Leo becomes quite fund of Abraham, but remains untrusting and unfriendly towards Giovanni for a very long time. It doesn’t help that Abraham and Giovanni have filled Leo’s mind with a lie to cover up the strange happenings that he inevitable sees, over the years, interacting with them.

Sarah- In this story Sarah represents the true damsel in distress. Abraham, and even Giovanni, try to save Sarah, but her fate is predetermined. She is the love of Abraham’s life. He loves her from time he first meets her in grade school, right up until the day he dies.

Abraham meets, poor Sarah, at a very young age and immediately decides that he’s going to save her. He goes to work trying to provide her a life she might have never had without him. In Abraham’s attempt to provide for the woman he loves, his mind becomes clouded by his pursuit instead of his intentions. When Abraham is faced with the death of his precious Sarah, he’s left wondering if the love of his life had been replaced by the love of his pursuit for wealth.

Esset-  She’s no Mary, but in this story she might as well be. She is the holy mother that Giovanni seeks, but she is nothing like the blessed virgin. Esset isn’t chosen by God to be the mother of Giovanni, but it is she who decides that he can be a servant unto Him, if he chooses. While Mary faced scrutiny over her unplanned pregnancy, Esset suffers a brutal assault and then flees the superstitious judgment of her common neighbors.

 I guess the one thing the reader truly learns from Esset is unconditional love and devotion. Everything in her life has happened to her, nothing bad or good is of her own doing, yet she is not bitter, angry, or sad. She finds whatever peace and contentment there is to be found and holds on to that, so she can just make it through. When Esset finally dies, she dies happily knowing that she has the love of her child to live on after she is gone. -Day 33 complete.

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