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Friday, April 22, 2011

The significance of eagles

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Eagles have, since ancient times, represented many aspects of status and power. Eagles have been used as symbols of royalty and high military rankings since the beginning of modern civilization. While there have been many exaggerations and folktales made about the power and might of eagles, we must all understand that even the tallest of tales have some truth to them.

Biblically speaking, eagles have many, not so commonly known, significances to them. It is the eagle or the “ravenous bird” that is associated with those who were sent forth to destroy wicked lands. Eagles are a symbol of strength and in some ways fear. They do not represent a fear that comes from evil, but a fear that comes from dealing with punishment or retribution.

Mythically speaking, eagles represent mystical strength and power. They are the ones who sit up high on the mountain and look down at those who would be their prey. Many kings and gods would emulate this seating of elevation to look down upon, not only their enemies, but their followers as well. Some mythologies look at the eagle as a sacred guardian or warrior of nature, keeping a balance to the circle of life.

Practically speaking, eagles are symbols of flight and skills within flight. The best pilots, especially those in the military, are often called eagles. With all the millions of birds having the capability of flight, it’s a wonder that it is the obvious depiction of eagle wings that are given when someone makes an achievement in flight: taking your first plane ride, passing a flight test, and so much more.

In my story, the eagle represents a hodgepodge of all these images. The eagle is meant to represent something that is far and away and unobtainable; it is possibly frightening, definitely powerful, and hopefully righteous. It is not only a symbol of flight, but of the desire to take flight and soar into the heavens or the unknown.  Day 34 completed

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