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Saturday, April 23, 2011


If you've seen the youtube video, you already know this stuff.
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Companionship is one of those basic human necessities that most people take for granted almost all the time. It is not until someone is left completely and utterly alone that he or she is able to truly appreciate the presence of another human being.
Modern society has taken the praise of individuality to an almost fatally dogmatic level. It seems that every convenience of modern technology exists only to pull individuals away from other people, until we are left with a society of individuals, surviving by technology and with no human interaction. I myself have been known as a loner. While most people seem to be in search of a way to get away from others and all the drama that comes with human fellowship; the characters of EC:GA are all in search of a salvation that will take them away from their personal worlds of seclusion, loneliness, and isolation.
The very definition on the word companion expresses a duality of meaning. A companion is one who is in the company of another. It almost makes it seem as though each person is responsible to another in order to fulfill the job of companion. It would seem that no one is alone unless they have made no effort to accompany someone else, but life isn’t that cut and dry. Everyone knows that some people can and unfortunately will be rejected by others, the masses, the objects of their affections, and so on, thus leaving the former feeling lonely and leaving  the latter oblivious to their feelings.
I think the point I’m trying to make, is that companionship is essential to the human condition. Romance and love are nice, but are optional. When a person commits a crime and continues to behave badly the only acceptable punishment that is both fitting to their status as a criminal, but is not considered cruel and unusual, as long as it is temporary, is in fact solitary confinement. I guess that’s something to think about. -Day 35 complete.
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