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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mira’s Personal Fashion

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Mira isn’t exactly a fashionista or a diva, but she does have her own sense of style that helps to exemplify her overall character. There are several ensembles to which Mira dons, throughout the book, that really seem to help the story along and add some life to the action taking place.

1. The first of Mira’s signature pieces is her traveling suit. It is a thin, comfortable, linen set almost like a jogging suite (I imagine it to be tan, but leave the color up to the reader in the story). With it, she wears a pair of comfortable shoes, a pair of hair clips to keep her hair out of her face, and a pair of reading glasses.

2. Next Mira makes an astonishing first impression on Abraham and Giovanni when she shows up to their house wearing a very smart looking business dress. She dons a knee length brown dress (not form fitting, but also not too loose), with a white blouse underneath. On her feet, she wears brown Mary Jane flats. As always, she has on her reading glasses and some metallic hair clips to keep her hair out of her face.

3. Once Mira has settled on the notion that she will be hanging around Giovanni, Abraham, and their lovely home for a while, the reader gets to see Mira get casual. She comes down for breakfast one day wearing a yellow blouse, dark denim jeans, and comfortable running shoes. Of course, her outfit is only completed with the presences of her matching hair clips and glasses.

4.  Even at night, Mira finds a way to be uniquely fashionable. When staying up late one night watching an old movie, Mira prepares for bed just in case she gets sleepy. She wears a long simple lavender nightgown, a white robe, some purple fuzzy slipper, and a purple hair bonnet. Mira isn’t shy around Giovanni anymore by this time; she’s comfortable being who she is around him.
5. Mira finds herself playing a very domestic and supportive role for Giovanni by the end of the story, especially when Abraham dies, but that doesn’t keep her from standing out fashionably. She accompanies Giovanni to help take care of some of  Abraham’s personal matters over an intimate lunch. She wears a long flowing brown dress with a black inkblot floral design on it. She also wears floral hair clips and black flats with a floral toe.-Day 36 complete.

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