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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fiction vs. Doctrine

If you've seen the youtube video, you already know this stuff.
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Doctrine is one of those words that you don’t often hear in everyday conversation, but once you’ve heard it used in a sentence you pretty much understand its meaning. Not wanting to take anything for granted, I will put this notion aside briefly to explain what doctrine is. Doctrine is a set of rules and or principles that is taught as part of a belief system, whether it be philosophical, religious, or political.

The story of Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel is a fictional story with a basis in one particular religious doctrine. I’m obviously influenced by the things I know and have been exposed to throughout my life. Fiction in story telling is like painting a picture; you can make the picture look however you want, but it may still get interpreted in many different ways.
I hope that those who have an appreciation for Judeo Christian philosophy will not get too bogged down by my lack of detail and accuracy; and will instead just enjoy the story. For those unfamiliar with Judeo Christian philosophy, I suspect they will have no problem just enjoying the story, as long as they don’t read it trying to find something that isn’t there. - Day 38 complete.

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