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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The importance of colors

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I think the use of colors is very import when it comes to storytelling, even in everyday conversation. It seems that the person who’s able to more vividly describe a situation is more likely to keep and capture an audiences’ attention when telling a story, and color is a major part of that.

The main character of my story is plagued with gray colored skin; that in itself should tell you a lot about the character. Gray can mean so many things and most of the meanings, perfectly, describe the character of Giovanni. Gray means in between black and white or neutral, it means old or ancient, it means dull and even gloomy.

In the story, two other characters are identified by their favorite colors of blue and purple. So what do these colors tell us about these characters? Blue means many things, but in this story, I think the optimistic impression of blue is what’s left by the character associated with it. In this story, blue represents abundance or clarity such as the blue sky or blue ocean, and sometime it also represents worth or accomplishment like that of a blue ribbon. The color purple is represented in much the same way. Purple represents nobility and righteousness.

Some colors have such vague, and yet, powerful significance in this story as they pertain to special elements or precious metals. Gold is a malleable metal that does not rust or dull. It can be combined with other elements to achieve almost unbreakable strength, which it represents everywhere it appears in this story. Silver is much the same; it is a precious metal that makes a great conductor and can be used in many ways depending on how it is combined with other chemicals. Even onyx, the black rock, has significance that is not so obvious to the reader, but as it appears in the story, it makes a mark that intrigues the mind. I challenge my readers to read the story, find the onyx, and then see how it compares with the meaning of the word.

Colors, elements, and even light are used throughout the story to help identify contrast. Something wonderful may happen on a gloomy gray day, while something horrible occurs on a bright sunny day. This use of color and light is meant to be representative of harsh contrasts in reality, especially since this story is so fantastical. -Day 26 complete.

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