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Friday, April 15, 2011

The importance of gardens

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Gardens have always been thought fondly of by writers, and have been used throughout history and literature to tell great stories. From the story of the “Garden of Eden,” to the tale of “Rappaccini's Daughter,” and up to the modern classic s of the Secret Garden and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, gardens always leave their mark on great stories.

In EC: Giovanni’s Angel, the gardens serve as a refuge for the characters in the story. The garden is where the characters go when they need time and space to work through whatever obstacle they happen to be dealing with at the time. In life, gardens are the places where everyday people get in touch with nature and create life in a way that anyone who wants to, can. In this story, it is in the garden where Giovanni is able to relate to and connect with the otherwise harsh world he lives in and is able to bring forth life, despite being surrounded by darkness, sorrow, fear, and even death.

Lastly, I think the garden presents a peace that is sought out by all the characters in the book and maybe even all the people in the world. Gardens, to many people, bring us one step closer: to the beginning, to a creator, to the center of nature, to the basic elements of life that are uncomplicated by the complexities of the homo sapiens’ ever evolving or expanding minds. Gardens are a symbol of peace. If someone is searching for his or her purpose in life, to lead him or her to a place of peace, then a stop off in a garden may be a good idea. -Day 27 complete.

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